About Octus Bridge Staking

Octus Bridge employs a robust staking mechanism that plays a pivotal role in the network's operations and sustainability. Staking involves locking tokens from specific blockchains and pledging them to mint wrapped tokens on others. A portion of the locked liquidity is strategically invested in low-risk protocols, generating income that contributes to Octus Bridge's overall revenue.

Stacking tokens provides participants with the opportunity to earn a share of this generated income, directly proportional to the number of BRIDGE tokens they stake. The concept is elegantly simple: the more BRIDGE tokens you stake, the higher your percentage of earned income.

The profitability of staking is influenced by various factors, including the amount of locked liquidity, the utilization of this liquidity for earning purposes, the yield percentage, and the quantity of stacked BRIDGE tokens.

The accumulated rewards within Octus Bridge are distributed among both bridge validators and stackers. Upon distribution, reward points are burnt, and BRIDGE tokens are allocated to participants in proportion to their accumulated points, creating a dynamic and equitable reward distribution system.

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