Bridge DAO

Octus Bridge operates without a centralized decision-making mechanism. Instead, it embraces decentralization through its DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) interface. The DAO facilitates the adoption of operational decisions directly by the Bridge's user community. Users actively participate using BRIDGE, the native utility token of the platform.

Every stakeholder holding BRIDGE tokens has the ability to cast their votes on platform proposals raised within the DAO. Moreover, the management of the liquidity locked in the Bridge's vault is orchestrated through the DAO protocol.

For stakeholders with a significant BRIDGE token share, the opportunity to propose initiatives for voting is also available. To engage in the voting process, navigate to the Governance tab on the Bridge site, where ongoing and completed proposal votes are listed. If you wish to submit your proposal, access the Create Proposal section within the Governance interface. Note that a minimum of 100,000 BRIDGE tokens is required to create a proposal.

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