Bridge DAO

Octus Bridge, as a platform, does not have a centralized mechanism for making decisions. Instead, the Bridge has a DAO interface, which was created as a mechanism to facilitate the adoption of certain operational decisions agreed upon directly by users of the Bridge. Users are able to participate via BRIDGE, the platform’s native utility token. Any stakeholder that has BRIDGE tokens is capable of using their tokens to vote on platform proposals raised in the DAO.
The management of platform liquidity that is locked into the Bridge’s vault is also carried out by means of the DAO protocol.
If a stakeholder has a relatively large share of BRIDGE tokens, they can put their own proposals up for a vote.
In order to participate in the voting process, you have to go to the Governance tab on the Bridge site where you will find all active and completed proposal votes.
To create your own proposal, you have to go to the Create Proposal section **** of the Governance interface. In order to create your own proposal, you have to have at least 100,000 BRIDGE tokens.
Last modified 11mo ago