Who uses Octus Bridge

Octus Bridge involves various roles that contribute to its operation and governance. Each role has specific responsibilities and privileges within the ecosystem.


Any individual who has successfully connected their wallet and started utilizing Octus Bridge's functionalities becomes a bridge user. Users can initiate and participate in cross-chain transfers, stake BRIDGE tokens, engage in governance and interact with the platform's features.


Stakeholders are users who have chosen to lock a portion of their BRIDGE tokens using the Octus Bridge staking interface. By staking their tokens, stakeholders actively contribute to the network's security and functionality. They earn rewards and play a significant role in governance decisions related to Octus Bridge.


Relayers, also known as bridge validators, play a critical role in ensuring the efficiency and security of cross-chain transfers within Octus Bridge. A relayer is essentially a stakeholder with added responsibilities. To become a relayer, one must meet the following criteria:

  1. Stake a minimum of 100,000 BRIDGE tokens.

  2. Deploy a specified set of smart contracts.

Relayers validate transactions, process transfers between blockchain networks and contribute to the overall reliability of Octus Bridge.

If you are interested in becoming a relayer, please reach out to Broxus via email at


Voters are stakeholders who possess BRIDGE tokens and have the privilege of participating in the governance process of Octus Bridge. Through the governance interface, voters can cast their votes on various proposals, influencing the direction and evolution of the platform. The collective input from voters helps shape future enhancements and changes within Octus Bridge's ecosystem.


Developers contribute to the technical advancement of Octus Bridge by proposing, developing and implementing changes, updates and new features. They are instrumental in ensuring the platform's robustness, security and seamless functionality, working closely with the community and other stakeholders to enhance the Octus Bridge ecosystem.

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