About Everscale

Everscale is the most scalable blockchain network in existence. The network’s incomparable scalability is due to its dynamic sharding mechanism which enables it to process millions of transactions per second and charge infinitesimal transaction fees.

The network was started in the aftermath of the Telegram Open Network project. Once development was halted on TON and the technology behind it became open source, a team of developers decided that the potential the technology had was too good to let go to waste.

Since the start, Everscale developers like Broxus have reimagined the network’s capabilities and offerings, building one of the most formidable ecosystems in all of DeFi, replete with a native DEX, cross-chain bridge platform, wallet, grant program and more.

The advancements spurred the community to change the name of the network to Everscale. Under the hood, the changes that were introduced have increased the scaling capacity of the network and the transaction processing speed, which is why Everscale was chosen as the new name.

The result is a new and unique blockchain design that proposes a scalable decentralized world computer, paired with a distributed operating system. Everscale is based on a platform called Ever OS, capable of processing millions of transactions per second, with Turing-complete smart contracts and decentralized user interfaces.

Everscale presents some new and unique properties, such as dynamic multithreading, soft majority consensus and distributed programming, which enable it to be scalable, fast and secure at the same time. It is governed by a decentralized community founded upon meritocratic principles via the Soft Majority Voting protocol.

Everscale has powerful developer tools, such as compilers for Solidity and C++, SDK and API, client libraries ported to more than 20 languages and platforms, a range of decentralized browsers and wallets empowering many applications in DeFi, NFT, tokenization and governance domains.

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