How to create a proposal

To create a new proposal, go to the appropriate section of the Governance interface.

Here you need to fill in several fields:

  • Title - the name of the proposal.

  • Discussion link - link to the page (github, forum, etc.) dedicated to the discussion of the proposal.

  • Description - a description of the proposal: its essence and usefulness for the network.

After filling in the appropriate fields, you can add actions (smart contracts)that will be performed by this proposal - this could be adding a new token, supporting a new network, etc.

Fill in all relevant fields and click Submit.

After that, you need to deploy the appropriate contracts in both networks - just click on the buttons that appear, Octus Bridge will perform all the necessary actions automatically. After going through all the steps, click Save.

When you have added all the required actions, click Publish proposal to submit it for consideration.

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