How to return the transfer fee

You can return ~ 5,2 EVERs from the commission charged for transactions from Everscale to any EVM network.

Please note that you can return the commission for the transfer only after it has been completed!

First, you need to find your transaction and go to the transfer page. Here you need to copy the transfer address. Just click on the icon.

Now go to EVER Wallet (in our case it is an extension) and send about ~0.1 EVER to the transfer address we copied. Be sure to add the following text in the comment field: te6ccgEBAQEABgAACAVriBQ= Then confirm the transaction and wait a little while for EVER to arrive in your wallet:

You can get Everscale network fee back when you make transfers using Invisible Bridge

In this case, the process is practically the same as described above, just send your EVERs, attaching a , to the address from the line Prepare second transfer:

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