Liquidity requests

Octus Bridge introduces an innovative solution to address liquidity challenges during Everscale-EVM transfers through its "liquidity requests" feature. This mechanism empowers users to contribute and earn rewards while assisting fellow users in completing their asset transfers.

Understanding Liquidity Requests

During the process of transferring assets between Everscale and EVM networks, users might encounter instances of limited liquidity within the vaults. In such cases, initiating a "liquidity request" becomes a strategic move. A liquidity request serves as a call for support from other users, inviting them to provide additional funds to enhance liquidity in the vaults.

The unique aspect of liquidity requests lies in the concept of rewards. Users have the ability to incentivize other participants by offering rewards exclusively in TIP-3 tokens that are being transferred. This reward constitutes a portion of the "transferred amount." It is deducted from the user who initiated the transfer and added to the user who fulfills the liquidity request.

Execution and Process

When a user is withdrawing assets from Everscale to an EVM network, the liquidity request mechanism comes into play:

  1. Initiating the Exchange: Users commence the transfer process on the Octus Bridge platform.

  2. Liquidity Request Notification: As users proceed, they are informed through a prominent banner if the vaults exhibit low liquidity. This notification prompts the option to create a "liquidity request."

  3. Completing the Transfer: Users can proceed to complete the asset transfer, choosing to either wait until the liquidity in the vaults is replenished or opt for an alternative route.

  4. Creating a Liquidity Request: If desired, users can take proactive measures by setting a reward and initiating a liquidity request aimed at engaging other users.

On the other end, users who wish to earn rewards by participating in liquidity requests can follow these steps:

  1. Accessing Liquidity Requests: Users navigate to the dedicated "liquidity requests" section on the Octus Bridge platform.

  2. Selecting Requests: Within this section, users have the freedom to choose one or multiple liquidity requests that align with their preferences.

  3. Completing Transfers: Users proceed to execute the identified transfer(s) as part of the liquidity request(s). Upon successful completion, they become eligible to receive the offered reward.

Octus Bridge's liquidity requests mechanism not only enhances the transfer experience by addressing liquidity constraints but also fosters a collaborative ecosystem where users contribute to one another's transactions while benefiting from rewards.

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