BRIDGE economics

The yield from BRIDGE tokens is proportional to the amount locked in contracts.
The return received by the stakeholders is proportional to their share of the bet, and the part that goes to the relayers is evenly distributed among all active relayers. Dividends are paid in BRIDGE tokens.
The payments themselves take place as follows:
50% of dividends are distributed among all stakeholders (including relayers), in proportion to the amount of invested BRIDGE tokens. The remaining 50% is distributed among all relayers in equal proportion.
Here's an example: Assume that the liquidity pool contains a number of tokens equivalent to $10.000.000 Imagine that there are 100 stakeholders in the pool, 20 of which are relayers, and the profitability of the protocol is 5%, respectively, the income from all liquidity will be $500,000, of which $250,000 will be distributed among the stakeholders in proportion to their share in the pool, and the remaining $250,000 will be distributed in equal shares between relayers - $12,500 respectively.