How to get EVER

Getting EVER - a native Everscale token

1. Exchange and Purchase with BuyEver

BuyEver offers a platform for users to convert tokens from EVM networks, including Ethereum, BNB, and Fantom, into EVER. For those who prefer using traditional payment methods, BuyEver also facilitates the purchase of EVER using fiat via credit card transactions. Explore for more details on exchange and purchase methods.

2. Purchase EVER on Exchanges

You can buy EVER tokens from supported cryptocurrency exchanges and subsequently withdraw them to your EVER Wallet address. To get started, visit CoinGecko to find a list of available exchanges. Here, you can check the current EVER price and monitor market trends.

3. Transfer Tokens from Another Network

Utilize the Octus Bridge cross-chain transfer interface to move tokens from other blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Fantom Opera, or Polygon to your Everscale wallet. During this transfer process, you have the option to convert a portion of the transferred tokens into EVER. This conversion helps cover transaction fees and wallet deployment costs. For detailed guidance, refer to the Octus Bridge documentation.

4. Purchase EVER on FlatQube

Visit Flatqube to conveniently exchange your Ethereum, BNB, or Fantom tokens for EVER. The platform offers a seamless way to acquire EVER tokens through token exchanges. Please note that this method is suitable only if there is at least a small amount of EVER in your wallet to cover the network fees, as well as the tokens you want to exchange in the TIP-3 format (such as USDT, Ethereum, BNB, etc.).

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